Meet the Team
S◎Lace Founder / Artist / UI/UX Designer / Project Lead / Community Manager
S◎Lace has been a graphic and logo designer for over 15 years using mainly the Adobe Creative Suite. He is also a Frontend Web Developer for over 10 years specializing in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. He started leading communities mostly in gaming back in 2008 where he started his own Web-based game and Ragnarok Online server then moved over to GTA San Andreas online where he also scripted his own server from scratch using pawno language and led the community. For the most recent years, he worked as a Curriculum Developer for 5 years and has been freelancing in Graphics Designing and UI/UX designing. S◎Lace got into the crypto and NFT worlds in July of 2021 where he played Axie Infinity and participated in NFT collection releases in Ethereum and Solana.
Socials: Twitter | LinkedIn
BullyBoy Tokenomics / Partnerships and Collaborations / Marketing
BullyBoy worked for over 7+ years as Linux Engineer specializing in the Redhat Linux Environment in both Philippines (3yrs) and Singapore (4yrs). Handled Redhat Linux enterprise, Virtualization, Ansible, Satellite and Server/Database clustering. Designed automation structures and SHELL Programming as well. Decided to go back to the Philippines last November to pursue a Full-time NFT career. Started his NFT journey in Axie Infinity last June 2021 where he became an Axie infinity manager with over 15+ scholars as well as the P2E Pegaxy of Polygon Blockchain and decided to enter the NFT scene last September 2021 on both ETH and SOL blockchain. Now, with over 50+ NFT Collections on both blockchains. He loves collecting sneakers as well.
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Ivez Creative Marketing / Partnerships and Collaborations
Ivez has been a graphic designer for almost 2 decades and video/audio editor for a decade. He’s an experienced server administrator and forum moderator since 2010 with GTA online games. His work history includes being a Data and Quality Analyst. A crypto trader and NFT Enthusiast since April of 2021.
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DidiFrichTi Creative Marketing / Video and Graphics Designer
DidiFrichTi has been working as a Video Editor and Graphic Designer for over 7 years primarily using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. In 2009, he launched his own digital marketing firm. He entered the Web3 and NFT spaces in September 2021, initially as an investor and subsequently as a developer for various projects on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains.
Socials: Twitter
Gelo Lead Discord Moderator
Gelo has been in the Customer Service industry for over 8 years. He has been part of different customer service companies which made him a stronger communicator. His experience include teaching the English language to non-speakers from all over the world making him a perfect fit as the Lead Moderator. To date, Gelo works as a negotiator between an insurance company and property owners. He is also into P2E games, specifically Axie Infinity and started his journey into the NFT world in late of 2021.
Socials: Twitter
Skeptical_Nerd Lead Discord Moderator / Partnerships and Collaborations
Skeptical_Nerd has 3+ years experience in Frontend Web Development using languages such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. He also has about 1 year of experience in programming using languages like Python and C++. Additionally, he has a hobby of editing videos using Davinci Resolve 17 and editing images with Adobe Photoshop. He first invested into crypto with Shiba Inu and Doge Coin in February 2021. Later that year, with the profit he made, he decided to move into the NFT market and has been investing since.
Socials: Twitter
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