Each FurrSol currently has four (4) attributes: Sleep, Hunger, Hygiene, and Fun. These attributes are what you need to maintain to keep your FurrSol alive. The attributes will have different values depending on the class and traits your FurrSol possesses which can later be upgraded.
💤 Sleep
Just like us people and our fur babies, FurrSols need some sleep too. Having more sleep allows them to do more activities. To put a FurrSol to sleep, you will need at least one (1) pillow in your inventory.
🦪 Hunger
That's what their mouths are for! To stay alive, a FurrSol needs to eat. They love to snack on some pearls. To feed your FurrSol, you will need at least one (1) pearl in your inventory.
🧼 Hygiene
Of course, who doesn't want a good-smelling pet? Your FurrSol needs to be bathed and groomed, this can easily be done by using one (1) soap each time.
🏀 Fun
Lastly, your digital pets will want to have some fun. You don't need to spend too much time to regenerate their fun attribute. All you have to do is use one (1) ball each time.
Where to get these items?
You can purchase these items using FLUFF in the Furrmart, our in-game market.