Sample Scenario
We've said this over and over again, and one more time, the only way to earn FLUFF is by keeping your FurrSols alive! All attributes of a FurrSol must be at least 90% with a minimum of 24 hours spawned. The amount of FLUFF produced also depends on the current attributes. The higher the attributes of your FurrSols are, the higher the amount of FLUFF they can produce.
The game has a FLUFF multiplier to balance the mint and burn ratio of the FLUFF token. This multiplier is not permanent and could changed according to the needs.
Current $FLUFF Multiplier: 0.80

Let's take a look at an example: The current server season is Winter and a player has a Winter FurrSol. Every hour, attributes are lowered by a certain amount as mentioned in the attributes page. Review the tables below.
The player then needs to replenish these attributes by performing tasks. To get to the 90% mark, the player needs to do the following tasks:
The player got all the attributes up to 90%+ which means the FurrSol will be able to produce FLUFF. All of the attributes are then summed up and multiplied by the FLUFF multiplier.

This is just a sample scenario of a player having 1 FurrSol to take care of in 24 hours. The numbers used here are just close estimates and not limited to these. Upgrading a FurrSol increases the attributes, therefore, increases the amount of FLUFF produced and lower maintenance.
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