What is FurrSols?

FurrSols is a Live to Earn (L2E) game built in the Solana blockchain. It is also a collection of NFTs with an initial supply of 4,000 for GenZERO. There are 4 classes with each NFT having a set of traits that give corresponding bonus attributes.

When is the launch date?

There is no specific date of the NFT launch at the moment. However, we aim to get the collection minted out sometime between the end of Q1 or early Q2 of 2022.

How many FurrSols can I mint?

Minting limit depends on the role that you acquire inside the discord server. See the table below.
Mint Count
Furrst 1000 (OG Role)
Furrlist I (Whitelist)
Furrlist II (Whitelist)
If you are able to secure all three roles, then you can mint a total of 4 FurrSols. Solana wallet addresses will be collected before the minting phase.

Is the team doxxed?

The team will be semi-doxxed in the future with limited information to be disclosed on the website and in the discord server for own safety and security. However, the project and the team will go through a third-party auditing process preferably done by RadRugs before mint.