Did your FurrSol die? Worry not! The Furr Gods and Angels are here to the rescue! As previously mentioned, you will have the option to revive a dead FurrSol. This comes with a price, yes, with FLUFF!
The amount of FLUFF required to revive a FurrSol depends on the base attributes, uncollected FLUFF, and reviving fee. This means, the higher the attributes and uncollected FLUFF are, the more expensive the revive will be. As for the reviving fee, it’s currently fixed at 3000 FLUFF. Take a look at the example below.
Computation (Sum of base attributes * 5) + (Uncollected FLUFF * 0.10) + Reviving Fee = Total Cost 1720 + 350 + 3000 = 7070 FLUFF
Reviving Summary
In the example above, the FurrSol's total base attributes is 344 multiplied by 5 is 1720. It has 3500 uncollected FLUFF so 10% of this was added to the fee, and finally, the fixed reviving fee of 3000 (may be changed in the future). This resulted to 7070 FLUFF needed to revive the FurrSol. So, if you don't want to spend a lot on reviving a FurrSol, make sure to keep it alive!